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Streamside Ln - Nantahala National Forest
Highlands, NC 28741


Stonefly is conveniently located just 1.2 miles from the Cashiers crossroads but is as secluded and private as any spot you could wish to find. A spectacular home priced at 1.2 million is newly completed and ready for occupancy. This lovely home is professionally decorated and furnished. In addition, Stonefly has magnificent home sites still available starting at $250,000.


Investment Benefits of Stonefly


Investment Control

Many investors want to be more hands on, especially during these uncertain times. Investors want control and they do not want to be at the mercy of ambitious brokers or corporate management with competing interests. Investors do not appreciate the helpless feeling of having to trust the decisions made by other people, people that they do not know and cannot see. As a Stonefly investor you will not suffer the same vulnerability as those who invest in the stocks or R.E.I.T.s.

Opportune Time

Deficits are high, inflation is on the rise and interest rates are still extremely low. You are in the right place at the right time and there is no better time to buy in Stonefly than right now.

Legacy Investment

Stonefly streamside mountain home sites are so rare and unique that, as an owner, you may want to pass these treasures on to future generations of family members. Surrounded by National Forest and Nature Conservancy land, the property will become even more rare and wonderful in years to come and serve as a lasting legacy to your family.

Great Investment Return

Over the next five years, many financial analysts anticipate the real estate market to grow at a rate of 5% to 6%.  This is a great return in a low interest rate environment.

Diversified Portfolio

Many financial analysts endorse a diversified portfolio that includes land such as Stonefly. The volatility and intangibility of stocks and bonds has left many investors pursuing the security and safe harbor of land. Stonefly ownership is a prudent way of offsetting the riskier elements of investment plans.

An Investment You Can Use

Stonefly streamside mountain property is more than just an investment. A home site in Stonefly can bring you years of enjoyment for you and your family while you watch it appreciate.

Increased Demand

The first rule of economics dictates that quality land in high-growth areas will always be a good value. Stonefly home sites are very limited and are in a prime location only one mile from the Cashiers crossroads. The number of aging baby boomers who are demanding rare and spacious tracts such as the ones in Stonefly are ever increasing so these pristine home sites will not be available for long.

Rock Solid Investment

Stonefly is solid as North Carolina granite. It is not going to vanish overnight like a large corporation closing its doors. Everyday, the business news reports on stocks that have plummeted in value. History shows that appreciation of land such as Stonefly is a marketplace constant because it is well located in a fast growing area.